In fact, the first season of the 1st team was so good that it exceeded expectations. That’s why the sluggishness in September at the end of the season touches me even more. He regrets that he could have done better.

If Seong-Joo Moon of the LG Twins can play the full-time season without problems, will it be possible to take a leap forward this year? He, who had risen to the ‘out-of-the-counter batting king’ until mid-August of last year, went downhill in September with an incredible 10% sluggish performance.

Moon Seong-joo made a success story with great performances last season. He was nominated by LG with the 97th overall pick in the 2nd 10th round in the 2018 rookie draft. After graduating from high school, he went to Yeongdong University and was given a chance to join the pro team at the last minute of the draft. After playing for one season after joining the army, he returned after completing his military service obligation.

In mid-September, he finally got a chance to call up the first team while hitting 30% in the Futures League in 2021. In the first year of his debut in 2018, it was the first team stage in three years after the opportunity of 5 games and 3 at bats. In the 2021 season, in 31 games, he recorded 89 at-bats and a batting average of .228. He experienced a big game in the postseason, hitting decently (3 hits, 2 walks in 11 at-bats, .273 batting average).

Moon Seong-ju continued to play in the lineup, recording 4 hits in 4 at-bats in the second game in April of last year. With his mad hitting sense, he finished April with a batting average of 4.3 3 (26 hits in 60 at-bats) and became a main player. He has been consistently starting, but it was primarily regrettable that he suffered a knee injury during a home slide in May and was out for nearly four weeks. However, he has no way to deal with an unexpected injury.

After returning in early June, he struggled to regain his sense of hitting, but from July, he continued his high batting average again. Moon Seong-joo, who was on the rise with a monthly batting average of 30.7 in July, was the ‘out-of-the-field batting king’ in mid-August, lacking the regular at-bats, and had a batting average of 3.5 on August 21.

Moon Seong-joo started September with a batting average of 303.6. However, the final batting average of the season on October 2nd, when he last played in the regular season to prepare for the postseason due to residual injuries, was 3.3. To lose more than 3 pennies in batting 메이저사이트 average during the last month of a season in which he played close to 400 plate appearances, it is only possible if he is really sluggish.

Moon Seong-joo fell into a slump with a batting average of 103 2 (7 hits in 53 at-bats) since September. It was a physical problem. Moon Seong-joo’s bat swing, which boasted one of the fastest bat speeds in the team, became sluggish. While playing his full-time for the first time, he still lacks the experience of consistently maintaining his stamina throughout the season.

The 2023 season will be the second full-time season for Moon Seong-ju. In order not to repeat the disappointment at the end of last season, it is important to have physical stamina. Moon Seong-joo is one of the best in LG with a lot of personal training. Kim Hyun-soo even said, ‘Except for Moon Seong-joo, there are no juniors who train really hard.’ As Moon Seong-joo gains experience, his know-how in sports stamina will increase.

LG recruited outfielder Austin Dean as a foreign hitter this year. Kim Hyun-soo, Park Hae-min, and Hong Chang-ki even added foreign hitters. Moon Seong-joo has become a more competitive environment in order to seize the opportunity to travel. He has more reasons to work harder.

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