Coach Park Hang-seo made a bitter noise toward the Korea Football Association.

Director Park Hang-seo, who wrote a success story in Vietnam and put down his baton, recalled his five-year history at 1:00 pm on the 17th. Head coach Park Hang-seo took charge of the Vietnam national team in 2017 and led the present and future of Vietnamese football while concurrently serving as an age-specific national team. He has achieved many good results, such as winning the Suzuki Cup, and has been praised for further developing Vietnamese football by nurturing stars.

At the press conference, coach Park Hang-seo said, “I have finished my five-year accompaniment with Vietnam. In life, there are encounters and partings. I think I did my best in my own way. Looking back, there were many things that I lacked. I am thinking of moving on to a new path after clearing my mind.”

I was interested in the expression ‘new way’. Coach Park Hang-seo had made great achievements in Vietnam, so it was clear that he would receive coaching offers both at home and abroad. Regarding this, he said, “I clearly said that I would not supervise in Vietnam or Korea. In Korea, there are many more great juniors and colleagues than me. ” he asserted. 바카라사이트

He said he would not set his eyes on Korea, but he said something bitter. After failing to renew the contract with coach Paulo Bento, the position of the Korean national team is vacant. Michael Müller, chairman of the Technical Committee, was appointed to begin the process of appointing a manager in earnest, but no promising candidates have yet been selected. It is unknown whether he will become a domestic or foreign coach. In the midst of various opinions, director Park Hang-seo also presented his opinion.

Manager Park Hang-seo said, “There are many talented coaches in Korea. Even if a domestic coach takes over, he will be able to lead the national team well. I have a question. The association should serve as a shield for the coach. I want them to look back to see if the association also played a role in that area, and to know that domestic coaches also have the capacity.”

“I wonder how much Chairman Müller knows about the Korean leader. I don’t know if he will accurately evaluate the documents and data. It was a response that strongly suggested that the association disapproved of the judgment of domestic leaders.

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