I wonder if there will be another player like this in the Battle Royale battlefield where 64 people and 16 teams compete. It stood out without fail in the part where I thought ‘I need a grenade’ or ‘I have to save a fallen team member’. It’s a perfect fit for me, as I’ve also raised a lot of kills here. Deoksan eSports’ talented player ‘Perhaps’ Kim Seong-hwan gave credit for his performance to his teammates, conveying a strong determination to break the stronghold of Two Jet, which was holding the lead until the 2nd day.

Deoksan Esports scored 64 points, including match 7 chicken, on the 2nd day of the ‘PMPS’ 2023 season final held at Daejeon ‘Dream Arena’, Daejeon Expo Park on the afternoon of the 22nd, 10 points higher than the 54 points the lead 2Jed posted on the 2nd day. He moved up the ranks to 2nd place.

In Deoksan’s propaganda, ‘maybe’ Kim Seong-hwan played a big role. Kim Seong-hwan, who was interviewed on the air after the second day of the PMPS Finals, said, “I couldn’t imagine it. He is supported by the team, and it seems to be the result of working hard. He thinks that he left the battlefield late in the second day game rather than the first day, and the percentage of games he did well was high. The game on the second day is comparatively satisfactory,” he said of his feelings after playing the game. 메이저놀이터

In addition, he expressed his strong determination, saying, “I will do twice as well on the third day.”

Regarding his first impressions of playing a game with spectators entering the offline scene, Kim Seong-hwan said, “It was not as easy as I thought. I have to adapt to the situation, but it was difficult for me. However, I was able to do well because the team members helped me well,” he said, expressing his gratitude to his colleagues once again.

“Binnie” Kwon Sun-bin, who was also interviewed, said, “On the last day, I will catch up with Two Jet and make sure that Deoksan fans who came to the stadium will not regret it. I will work hard,” he said, raising his voice. 

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