“We will take strong legal action against them for tarnishing the athlete’s honor.”

Hwang Ui-jo’s management company, UJ Sports, took to social media on the 25th to clarify its stance on the issue.

The issue began when a social media post titled “The Private Life of National Soccer Player Hwang Ui-jo” was published. The poster, who revealed that she was in a relationship with Hwang, wrote something controversial. Eventually, the issue escalated and UJ Sports announced a strong legal response. Currently, the post cannot be found.

Hwang Ui-jo, meanwhile, is the national team’s signature striker and recently scored the opening goal against El Salvador. He has been on loan to FC Seoul, scoring goals in two consecutive games, and is preparing to return to Nottingham Forest. 토토사이트
The following is the full text of UJ Sports’ social media post.

First of all, we would like to express our sincere apologies to the fans who support the player and to the many people who are watching, for causing a social issue as a public figure and causing deep concern.

We have confirmed that unfounded rumors and sexual slurs have been circulated regarding Hwang Eui-jo’s personal life, and we have been conducting and monitoring an investigation into those responsible for creating and spreading the rumors since immediately.

We have confirmed that all of the content uploaded through social networking services is untrue, and we plan to take strong legal action against those responsible for disseminating and spreading illegally obtained information about the athlete’s personal life, and for damaging the athlete’s reputation.

We strongly condemn the damage caused to our athletes by unverified falsehoods and leaks of their personal information, and we will continue to take strong action against the reckless spread of rumors.

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