The numbers of 32 Kim Chun Sangmu who will challenge for promotion have been revealed.

On the 25th, the Kimcheon Sangmu Professional Football Team announced the number of ‘2023 season players’. Captain Lee Young-jae chose number 8, Kim Ji-hyun chose number 9, and Kang Yun-seong chose number 10. Kwon Chang-hoon took the unique number 22. Vice-captain Moon Kyung-gun wore number 1 and vice-captain Lim Seung-gyeom wore number 6.

In addition, new recruit Kang Hyeon-moo chose number 31, and Park Min-gyu and Yoon Jong-gyu chose number 23 and 24, respectively. The heaviest number, number 40, was taken by U22 resource Lee Yeongjun.

Captain Lee Young-jae said, “Because I am the oldest, I had priority in number selection. To be honest, I didn’t have any desire for a uniform number, and in the pro world, I was a member of the young axis, so I couldn’t wear a good number. It’s a short time, but I want to put a good number on this opportunity and show a better image.”

Kim Ji-hyun, who took the back number ‘9’, which symbolizes a striker, said, “I chose number 9 because I wanted to leave a good impression on the fans. I will score a lot of goals to help the team win before I am discharged. Restoring scoring power is the biggest goal,” he said.

Kang Yoon-seong, who chose the team’s ace ‘number 10’, said, “I don’t feel burdened, but I will take responsibility and take the lead. He will become one with his motives and successors and show football that fans can enjoy together. He said, “I will win the team victory together.” 안전놀이터

Moon Kyung-gun, who took the number 1 symbol of the starting goalkeeper, said, “Last year, I didn’t play much, but this year I chose a good number so that I can show a good performance. As he is the oldest as a goalkeeper, I will try to show his skills.”

Meanwhile, Gimcheon will hold the first winter training in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do from the 31st, and the second winter training in Busan from the 1st to the 23rd of next month.

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