Same bus, different atmosphere.

From the beginning of this season, the K-League is ‘hot’ in many ways. With the aftermath of Corona 19 gone, ‘Spring’ came while maintaining an average of more than 10,000 spectators per game. This is positive news.

On the other hand, unlike the warm spring of the entire league, some clubs such as Jeonbuk Hyundai and Suwon Samsung are suffering from fans’ ‘blocking the bus’. Fans are expressing their dissatisfaction with the poor performance of the team. Literally, the atmosphere is brutal. In particular, Jeonbuk coach Kim Sang-shik confronted the fans for two hours immediately after the match against Pohang Steelers (1-2 loss).

In a cold atmosphere, the keyword ‘bus’ comes to mind for Incheon United in a different direction. Contrary to expectations before the opening, he is struggling at the beginning of the season, but he is encouraging the coach and the entire team by ‘welcoming’ rather than ‘blocking’ the bus.

Prior to the 5th round home game against Daegu FC on the 1st, Incheon cheered for ‘Welcome to the Bus’. On the day of the event, everyone from the supporters of ‘Blue Black’ to the children’s fans, young and old, greeted the team in an orderly manner. 먹튀검증 More than 100 fans gathered, and as a cheering song for the players entering the stadium, it gave the players a driving force even before the game started.

There is not a regular cycle of cheering for ‘Welcome to the Bus’, which was also held last season. It is usually carried out when it is considered necessary to change the downed atmosphere or when the league is played after a match A break. It’s early in the season, but Incheon is struggling unlike the expected season before. They played 5 matches and are in 6th place with 1 win, 2 draws and 2 losses (5 points). Before the A-match break, he suffered a 0-5 defeat in away racing against Gwangju FC.

In the midst of the disappointing move, Incheon fans are encouraging the squad more than turning around. An official from Incheon said, “The director likes it too. He said that he was energized because he could feel the support of the fans up close and personal before the game.”

Same bus, different atmosphere. The way each voice is expressed can be different, but it is certain that Incheon’s ‘Welcome to the bus’ cheering culture can have a positive impact on the team.

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