Gimpo FC, which recognized small clubs, is leading the league game by bringing out 100% of their abilities.

Gimpo won 1-0 against Chungnam Asan in the 13th round of the ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ held at Yi Sun-shin Sports Complex at 4:00 pm on the 14th. With this, Gimpo continued undefeated by recording 7 wins and 5 draws in 12 games, and with 26 points, it beat Sangmu Kimcheon by 3 points and took the sole lead.

This time, it was scoreless. Even though their scoring ability was somewhat low, Gimpo was able to run undefeated and lead the team based on their overwhelming defense. The three-back team consisting of Kim Min-ho, Kim Tae-han, and Cho Seong-kwon showed great performance. Looking at the record, it’s even better. In 12 games played, he gave up only 4 runs. Only 9 matches ended with a clean sheet (no goals). 0 goals in the last 4 matches.

To put it bluntly, the Gimpo match is less thrilling. Overall, focus on defense while lowering the line, and when it comes to attack, send a straight pass to Lewis located in the front, or Pablo, left and right wingbacks go up and cross play. Because monotonous patterns are repeated and defensive soccer is played, it may not be interesting. Still very efficient. Proof is that they took the lead by winning only 26 points in 12 matches.

A result no one expected. Gimpo came to pro last season and caused a sensation in the beginning, but faltered from the middle and finished the season in 8th place. It was the most lost (19 losses) following 10th place Busan I-Park, tied for second with the least score with 39 points, and ranked first with the most lost with 65 points. Infrastructure was not secured and there were limitations in terms of finance, which was a big disappointment. This season seemed to follow a similar path as last season. However, they are running ahead of everyone’s expectations.

Head coach Go Jeong-woon, who finished the first round robin undefeated by catching Chungnam-Asan 1-0, acknowledged at the press conference after the match that it was a small club. He said, “What I want to say repeatedly is that the environment, infrastructure, and budget are insufficient.” “If we had all the players, we wouldn’t have come to Gimpo. We would be here if we had build-up, stamina, and a fight for leadership? We take that into account. Will we be here? We take that into account,” he said. It was a realistic and sober judgment.

Nonetheless, head coach Go Jeong-woon did not settle down and urged the players to develop. Kim Tae-han, who has been with the team since the K3 League, became the core of the defense leading Gimpo, and Cho Seong-gwon, who made his professional debut this year, was on the roster of Hwang Seon-hong-ho and wore the Taegeuk mark. In addition, there are many players who have greatly improved with coach Ko Jeong-woon, such as 스포츠토토 Kim Jong-seok, Son Seok-yong, Kim I-seok, and Seo Jae-min.

Even though it was lacking as an individual, we created synergy by making it into a team, and we achieved results by bringing out individual abilities to the fullest. It was a way for small clubs to survive. It shows that the present results can be produced when this method achieves the highest efficiency. If Gimpo’s sprint continues until the end of the second round robin, or the end of the season, it will remain as a representative cataclysm in K-League history, just as Leicester City won the English Premier League (EPL).

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