“It would be nice to go beyond the round of 16 and into the quarterfinals without injury.”

Sangsan Electronic High School had a good start last year. Due to reaching the round of 16 in his first two tournaments. But after that, injuries to players came out and we had a hard time. Looking back at this, Park Joon-yong, a coach at Sangsan Electronic High School, said, “Last year, we were good. He was tall and well prepared. So it was okay in the beginning,” he said. “But injuries were a problem. Players were injured and the power naturally weakened. Still, I am satisfied that I went to college well.”

But this time it’s different. Because tall players graduated. In response, coach Park said, “This time, my height is smaller. So I have to play faster basketball. Still, the main guards and forwards from last year remain the same. These players need to do more. At the same time, the team color naturally changed. I practice mainly on fast attacks and focus on defense. To do that, I exercised a lot and practiced a lot,” he said, conveying the team color.

“During this winter training, I focused on physical training. He emphasized stamina, saying, “You need stamina to make a quick transition.”

There is less than a month left until the spring competition. When asked about the plan for the remaining period, he said, “I will prepare similarly to now. Up until now, we had given chances to many players in practice games, but now we will focus on the main players. In the remaining period, we will prepare more closely,” he said of his training plan.

Afterwards, when we asked coach Park about the team’s key player, he said, “First of all, all three seniors have to do well. All three are top players. In particular, I have high expectations for (Do) Hyeonu. He has to lead the team and score a lot of goals. Last year, he also did well among his older brothers. However, since he is in his third year now, I hope he leads the team with more responsibility.”

Also, “(Kim) Do-hyeon and (Moon) Se-yeong are the same. All three teamed up while playing matches last year. In particular, I think the team will become stronger depending on whether Seyoung plays a lot of roles inside.”

Sangsan Electronic High School, which struggled with injuries last year, is focusing more on preventing injuries this time around. Even so, the wounded could not be avoided. Coach Park said, “There are still injured people. 온라인카지노 About 3 people are taking a break from exercising. Because of a lot of physical training, injuries came out, and there are players who have recurred old chronic injuries,” he said.

Compared to last year, his power has weakened, but Coach Park still aims for the quarterfinals. “The goal is the quarterfinals. It is easier for players to go to college only if they go to the quarterfinals. Just as important as that is that the players must be injury-free. I hope to go beyond the round of 16 and into the quarterfinals without injury,” he said, expressing his goal.

He continued, “To do that, you have to play the actual game as you practiced and meet the bracket well. (Laughter) I think it will be a fun game if the players consistently play their part on the court,” he concluded the interview.

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