Lotte manager Sutton expressed his devastated feelings about the situation of Seo Jun-won.

On the 24th, Lotte played an away game against NC, a KBO league demonstration game, at NC Park in Changwon. Ahead of the game, Lotte coach Sutton opened his mouth to Seo Jun-won’s incident. Coach Sutton said, “Personally, I was very disappointed. Other coaches also put a lot of effort into Seo Jun-won, but the results were not good. The coaches and I will reflect a lot and will take the lead in the future.”

On this day, more attention was paid to the story of Seo Jun-won, who was released from Lotte the day before than the demonstration game.

Seo Jun-won, who joined Lotte as the first nomination in 2019, was a promising sidearm fastball pitcher that Lotte expected a lot. The club gave Seo Jun-won a lot of playing time and a chance. He worked tirelessly to raise him as a future ace.

Seo Jun-won, who celebrated his 5th year as a pro this year, lost weight and prepared for the season more breathlessly than anyone else.

However, on the 23rd, the Busan local media revealed the controversy over the illegal act with a minor, and it was also revealed that he had not informed anyone of the team, family, or agent even after being investigated by the police in December of last year and the prosecution on the 21st. Seo Jun-won faked all the crimes like that and went on an exhibition game until recently.

The Lotte club, which learned this fact belatedly, immediately released Seo Jun-won, regardless of legal punishment. 스포츠토토

With less than 10 days left before the opening of the season, the bomb-like situation of Seo Jun-won exploded. Team atmosphere is not good. Director Sutton came out first and expressed his position. Even though it was something that should never happen as a manager and as a senior baseball player, I firmly promised to prevent a recurrence in the future.

Lotte players will be shocked and disappointed by the Seo Jun-won incident. The worst situation happened to the players who should be more focused ahead of the opening.

It remains to be seen whether Sutton will be able to overcome the big wave well by controlling the team atmosphere that is inevitable.

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