Seongnam FC held a friendly match between the professional team and Seongnam Youth Priority Players at the club house at 2:00 pm on the 23rd.

This match was held as a test match to improve the performance of the pro team players and to check the skills of the priority players. Players from Seongnam U-18 youth and those currently enrolled in U-18 visited the clubhouse and played the game.

The players met each other after a long time and started warming up by exchanging friendly stories. However, at the beginning of the game, he created a fierce atmosphere and showed a professional look.

It was the day after the professional team game, but CEO Kim Young-ha watched the game while keeping his seat until the end. He also showed a familiar face. Including Seongnam U-18 captain Yoon Yeo-won, Bae Jin-woo and Ryu Jun-seon, who recently attended the 2023 Denso Cup, a Korea-Japan college football exchange match, goalkeeper Kang Tae-yang, and players who went to college this year visited the club.

Ryu Jun-seon said, “It was nice to meet my friends and my brothers and sisters I had played with for a long time. Based on what I learned at Seongnam U-18, I put in a lot of effort to fill in my weaknesses, such as the physical part, after entering college. After playing, I felt a lot of difference. Based on today’s game, I will work hard and prepare to become a better player.”

The club selects excellent players through open U-12 and U-10 youth tests every year, and builds and operates a systematic education system so that players of that age can grow into good players. In addition, it strives to provide various experiences and opportunities to players, such as involving youth players in pro team field training. ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Seongnam CEO Kim Young-ha, who watched the game, said, “I think it was a good experience for everyone. Through this event, we are providing opportunities to the players who are firstly nominated and are constantly looking into them. There are really many. These results include the efforts of the youth coaches and players. The club will spare no support for the youth so that the efforts are not in vain.”

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