Fans of Millwall, who are notorious for being ‘strong hooligans’, had an accident again.

Millwall suffered a 3-4 come-from-behind defeat to Blackburn Rovers in the final round of the 2022-23 season England Championship (second division) held at The Den in London, England on the 8th at 11:00 pm (hereinafter referred to as Korean time). Millwall failed to qualify for the promotion playoffs as they finished 8th in the league (68 points).

In the first half, Millwall’s promotion challenge was strong. Millwall overcame Blackburn 3-1 with just one goal thanks to a series of goals from Duncan Watmore and another from Oliver Burke. If the game was over like this, Millwall could have confirmed 5th place and beat Sunderland to play the promotion playoffs.

However, a twist occurred. Blackburn worked hard and succeeded in overturning the game, which was trailing by 2 points. Millwall, which collapsed after scoring three goals in the second half, was unable to surpass 6th place Sunderland (69 points) and spent the next season in the second division.

Millwall fans took their anger out on the pathetic Blackburn supporters. Britain’s ‘The Sun’ reported on the 9th, “Blackburn fans panicked and hid under their seats, and Millwall fans broke the windows of the bus. Gangsters presumed to be Millwall fans smashed the bus windows of away supporters with children. ” reported.

Millwall’s ‘strong hooligans’ are famous among football fans. Millwall’s main fan base is the oppressed working class in England, and they are known for their wild cheering songs and action. He does not hesitate to act that can cause social controversy, such as booing the 2020 racial discrimination campaign ‘kneeling’. 토토사이트

It was the same this time too. Millwall fans poured out the shock of not being able to make it to the promotion playoffs to the away fans. A group of Millwall fans were caught throwing something at a bus carrying away supporters, and Blackburn fans had no choice but to hide under their seats, with the bus windows shattered.

Blackburn fans strongly condemned the actions of Millwall fans. A Blackburn fan urged that this violence should not be repeated, saying “Leaving the pitch has never been so frightening. Millwall fans should be ashamed.”

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