Suwon Samsung Soccer Team unveiled the home/away uniforms to be worn by Lee Byung-geun in 2023 on the official SNS on the 20th.

For this season’s uniform photo shoot, the players were not the main characters, but various members of Suwon Samsung participated. The uniform photo shoot, which was conducted under the concept of ‘People with Suwon Samsung’, contained the supporters’ wishes for 헤라카지노 the restoration of Suwon Samsung’s pride in the 2023 season.

As the main model, the ‘Suwon Municipal Performance Troupe’s 24th Martial Arts Demonstration Team’ came out to protect Suwon Hwaseong Fortress. The filming was finished in the form of a guardian protecting Suwon Samsung against the backdrop of Suwon Hwaseong Fortress. In addition, local small business owners and partner companies that sponsor Suwon Samsung, as well as players from the Bluesys women’s futsal team participated. Longtime supporters of Suwon Samsung also participated in the photo shoot.

Oh Seong-hyeon, who has been active as a Suwon Samsung supporter since 2007, said, “It is a new and meaningful feeling to participate in the photo shoot as one of the Suwon Samsung supporters.” I hope that our players will wear this uniform and run without forgetting the weight of the Suwon Samsung emblem this season.”

Based on the uniform format designed by global sports brand Puma, the 2023 season uniform expressed the identity of the club by putting a reinterpreted pattern of Suwon’s wing pattern on the front of the uniform. In addition, the home uniform added originality through a change in blue color, and the away uniform improved the completeness of the design with toned-down blue and white based on white.

Uniforms with DRYCELL, PUMA’s proprietary technology, quickly dissipate players’ heat and sweat during the game, providing comfortable movement and helping them to perform at their best.

Lee Na-young, CEO of Puma Korea, said, “As the first step in working together with Suwon Samsung once again, we are delighted to introduce the new 2023 season uniform to fans.” We will strengthen and join the development of Korean football.”

The 2023 season uniforms will start selling through Blue Point from February.

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