There is an English Premier League (EPL) striker who left the team despite his good performance at Chelsea, escaping from the manager’s trust. That is Timo Werner (Leipzig).

He moved to Chelsea in 2020 and played until 2022. In particular, he roared by playing a big role in Chelsea’s UEFA Champions League (UCL) in the 2020-21 season. However, he was no match for Thomas Tuchel, who took over as Chelsea manager in 2021. Eventually he decided to leave Chelsea.

In an interview with Britain’s The Sun on the 21st (Korean time), Werner revealed why he had no choice but to leave Chelsea.

He said: “The first six months at Chelsea were very good. I think I did what the fans and the club expected of me. I scored goals and played well. Especially in 2021 I won the UCL. I played in every game and scored a goal against Real Madrid in the semifinals.” 온라인카지노

However, trust was broken under the direction of coach Tuchel. He confessed, “This performance seemed forgotten by Tuchel. I thought it was not fair, and I had to leave Chelsea to find the joy of playing football again. That’s why I had to go back to Leipzig.”

He continued, “The biggest problem is that Tuchel put Romelu Lukaca in front of me after I played almost every game in the first team and won the UCL. It was a moment. Lukaku was a striker who spent a lot of money, so he had to run unconditionally. This caused me ups and downs. My confidence fell.”

“People from the outside looked at me as a scapegoat for the manager. Managers tend to like certain players more. This is completely normal. I had to accept it too. So I wanted to leave Chelsea. But at least the fans always behind me. And they supported me,” he said.

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