A club located in a rural Welsh village wrote ‘Fairy Tale’.

Wrexham FC won 3-1 in the 45th round of the National League (5th division) in the 2022-2023 season against Boreham Wood held at the Welsh Racecourse Ground on the 22nd (Korean time), confirming the championship with one final game left.

It recorded 110 points and maintained a 5-point gap with 2nd place Notts County (105 points), winning the second championship in the club’s history 45 years after 1978. In addition, with this championship, they returned to the Football League (2nd to 4th divisions) after 15 years.

British public broadcaster ‘BBC’ expressed that the moment Wrexham was confirmed for promotion, thousands of Wrexham fans “poured into the stadium crying.” It looked like a zombie from a zombie movie.

Co-owner Ron McElhenry also burst into tears. McElhenry is a famous Hollywood actor who appeared in the movie ‘The Devil’s Own’. Colleagues Ryan Reynolds and McElhenry, known for the movie ‘Deadpool’, took over Wrexham in November 2020, which was on the brink of extinction with hundreds of pounds of debt just a decade ago.

Founded in 1864, Wrexham is the third oldest club in the world. This alone deserves attention from the public, but news of Wrexham’s promotion quickly spread around the world due to the existence of a ‘star owner’. The official Instagram followers of Wrexom, a 5th division team, are 686,000.

Reynolds, who ‘intuited’ the moment of promotion on the field with McElhenry, was thrilled, saying, “People asked, ‘Why Wrexham in the first place?’ This is what happened at Wrexham. I was speechless.” ‘BBC’ wrote that it is a “Hollywood ending” that only happens in movies.

There is a familiar face in the Wrexham squad enjoying a promotion party in the locker room. This is Ben Foster, former England national team goalkeeper who played an active part in the Premier League such as Manchester United and Watford. Born in 1983, Foster, who was born this year, supported the promotion of the team by responding to the co-owner’s love call this year. 먹튀검증

Reynolds asked Foster to give him a ‘failure’ uniform. While handing over the uniform, Foster jokingly joked, “It must smell.”

According to ‘BBC’, supporter Laura Roberts said, “It’s really amazing. I’m so happy I don’t know what to say.” “I couldn’t sleep last night. I can’t believe we won the league,” said Elwyn Davis, while 11-year-old fan Callie Howitt laughed, “I love Ryan and Rob. They’ve done so much for this city.”

The fairy tale of Wrexham, who caused a sensation to advance to the 4th round of the FA Cup this season, continues. Owners of Reynolds and McN-Henry are dreaming of entering the Premier League.

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