Min-seon Kim, the ‘Queen of Ice’ who won all the World Cups this season, is challenging her idol, Sang-hwa Lee’s world record by pulling her main event, the 500m, to 36 seconds.

Kim Min-seon, who trained silently even during her break and swept the Universiade, is her 99-year-old rabbit.

Kim Min-seon / National speed skater
“Since I’m a rabbit, I think my year will come back again and I’ll be able to continue showing good performances. Like a rabbit, I can set records faster

. “

Ahn Woo-jin / Kiwoom Pitcher
“To show a better image and become a better player in the future” The 1987-year-

old rabbits are determined. Yang Eui-ji, the largest free agent player who returned to Doosan, aims to recover his pride at the WBC in March.메이저놀이터

Yang Eui-ji / Doosan catcher
“I think I have nothing but to show results because I prepared really well

this time. “

Ryu Hyun-jin / Toronto Pitcher
“‘I have to get back on the mound and play.’ has only one thought… .”

Ace Jeong Hye-rim of the women’s 100m hurdles will challenge her second consecutive Asian Games victory.

Jeong Hye-rim / National track and field representative
“As the Asian Games were postponed for a year, it has become the Year of the Rabbit. Since we are not young, of course we have

to win first place and keep it. “

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