The question Federico Valverde received was not related to Lee Kang-in.

Real Madrid will face Al Ahli (Egypt) in the semifinals of the 2022 FIFA Club World Cup held at the Prince Mullai Abdela Stadium in Rabat, Morocco at 4:00 am (Korean time) on the 9th.

Among Real’s recent matches, there were many regrettable matches. On the 8th of last month, it was defeated 1-2 in Villarreal away, and on the 16th, it lost 1-3 in the European Football Federation (UEFA) Super Cup match against Barcelona and missed the championship. In the match against Real Sociedad held at home on the 30th, they drew 0-0, and in the most recent trip to Mallorca on the 5th, Nacho Fernández suffered a shock defeat 0-1 due to an own goal.

Sex isn’t good either. Real are currently in second place in the league, 8 points behind leaders Barcelona. Locally, there is also a story that manager Carlo Ancelotti has lost the trust of the club. This Club World Cup is an opportunity for Real to turn the tide.

It was Valverde who attended the press conference ahead of the game. Valverde is a key member of Real Madrid and is a player who has secured a starting place at the age of 24. He is also showing good performance in the Uruguay national team, but his image is not so good among domestic fans.

It is because of the bad relationship with Lee Kang-in. When Valverde met South Korea in the group stage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar held last year, he tried to tackle Lee Kang-in, and after succeeding, he roared with a fist in the air. Also, in a recent match against Lee Kang-in’s team, Mallorca, he attempted a rough tackle, a so-called ‘murder tackle’, and received a warning. Since then, stories have circulated in Korea that the reason why Valverde tackled Lee Kang-in was ‘because he was angry’.

The question Valverde received was a different story. Valverde was recently asked about his ‘form’. Real are in a difficult situation, but Valverde is struggling and trying to keep his team in shape. 메이저놀이터 Valverde received the unfortunate news that his child had been miscarried before the match against Sociedad. Considering that this would affect Valverde’s performance, it is speculated that the question was asked on the spot.

Regarding this, Valverde said, “When you enter the stadium, you put the problem behind you. I try to forget the problems and focus on doing my job in a good way. When we don’t get the results we want, or when things don’t work out for us personally, we get angry and frustrated. I didn’t like the match against Atletico Madrid because when I play I want to win. It was the same with Mallorca. We really want to win. I get angry when I play and don’t get good results, but I’m still working hard to improve.”

This reply is the content of Valverde’s reply posted on the official website of Real Madrid.

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