Go Young-pyo (KT), Rohas (Doosan), and others are vying for the July 2023 KBO League “Shell Helix Player of the Month” honor, which is awarded by Shell Petroleum Korea in conjunction with the KBO based on Wins Above Replacement (WAR). With the remaining games in July, it will be interesting to see who will be honored.

In the pitcher category, Ko Young-pyo is leading the way with a monthly WAR of 1.03 in July. In addition to his three quality starts in July, he ranks first in wins (2), fifth in ERA (1.31), second in innings pitched (20.2), sixth in strikeouts (18), and fifth in WHIP (walks allowed per inning pitched) (0.87).

Ko, who is once again on pace for a career-high season, has allowed just nine walks to date. His efficient pitching with few walks has resulted in quality starts in 13 of his 16 starts.

He is closely followed by Hanwha Peña (0.82 WAR) and Doosan Kwak-Bin (0.77 WAR). In addition to one win in three July starts, Peña ranks seventh in ERA (1.89), fifth in innings pitched (19), first in strikeouts (23), and sixth in WHIP (0.90). After struggling through the month of April due to hay fever, Peña has rebounded to become the team’s No. 1 starter, recording quality starts in 12 of his 13 appearances since May. Doosan’s homegrown ace, Kwak-Bin Kwak, is on pace for his first career 10-win season after starting two games and ranking first in wins (2), first in ERA (0.00) and seventh in WHIP (0.91).

Rojas, Doosan’s foreign-born slugger, leads the ‘shell-happy’ hitters with a monthly WAR of 0.88. Through 10 games in July, he ranks 11th in RBI (7), 12th in batting average (.345), 1st in slugging percentage (.548), 12th in on-base percentage (.552), and 2nd in OPS (1.099). After a slow start to the season that saw him spend some time on the disabled list, Rojas has rebounded since returning to the first team in late June.

Rojas is followed by Ki Uhm Lee (0.86 WAR) and Doosan Yang-ji (0.82 WAR). Lee appeared in 13 games in July, ranking second in hits (20), first in batting average (0.435), third in slugging percentage (0.518), and ninth in OPS (1.018). On April 11, she became the youngest player in KBO history to reach 100 hits in seven consecutive games against the KT Wiz. In nine games in July, Doosan’s center fielder Yang has shown no signs of rust, ranking third in batting average (0.419), second in on-base percentage (0.539), fourth in slugging percentage (0.613), and first in OPS (1.151). 안전놀이터

Meanwhile, just like Shell’s fuel-efficient engine oil, Shell Helix Ultra, Shell Korea awards KRW 1 million in prize money every month to the pitcher and batter who perform the best to help their team win. Shell Helix Ultra 0W is a premium motor oil that feels like new and helps improve fuel economy by up to 3.0 percent and reduce emissions. 먹튀검증

Shell Helix Drive On is a campaign that aims to understand drivers’ Passion for Driving and challenge and inspire them to drive ahead by maintaining the best engine performance. As part of the Shell Helix Drive On campaign, Shell Korea is helping KBO players achieve Ultimate Baseball Performance, just as Shell Helix Ultra delivers Ultimate Engine Performance.

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